Valorant reveals Give Back Bundle skins

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Valorant is celebrating its one year anniversary with a bouquet of events bundled as YR1. Out of the several other events like Squad Boost, one was Give Back bundle dubbed as Run It Back with a twist.

Fans had option to vote for their favorite among the popular skins in four categories: Rifle, SMG/ Shotgun, Sniper/ Machine Gun, and Sidearm. The voting process had begun on June 2. Valorant has announced the winner skins in each category today, 16 June 2021.

Valorant Give Back bundle skins list

The Give Back bundle has the following skins:

  • Reaver Vandal (1,775 VP)
  • Valorant Go Vol. 1 Spectre (1775VP)
  • Ion Operator (1,775 VP)
  • Reaver Sheriff (1,775 VP)
valorant give back bundle skins

What is the cost of Valorant Give Back bundle?

The Valorant Give Back bundle is going to set you off as any other premium tier bundle. Each weapons skins in the bundle are of premium tier, which costs 1,775 VP for each skin. If we go with this estimation, the Give Back bundle will cost 7,100 VP, like any other premium bundle.

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When will Give Back bundle come in store?

As announced, the Give Back bundle will be available in the store starting from June 22. You can buy the bundle till July 8.

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Valorant is celebrating its 1 year anniversary with YR1 events

Valorant has completed one year with a bang. Millions of players are enjoying the game on a daily basis, while its esports event, VCT Masters Iceland, attracted over 5 million people on the final day. Valorant has revealed a plethora of events under 'YR1' bouquet. Apart from the Squad Boost, GIVE BACK BUNDLE, COMMUNITY BATTLEPASS, WWFEST RETURNS, and ACCOUNT LEVELING is also coming. The cherry on top is a brand new agent who is debuting with Episode 3.