Watch: Sova's Recon Bolt hits enemy Owl Drone

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Valorant is a complex game, with so many elements interacting with each other. Although the game is 'esports ready', sometimes some strange things do happen. For instance, Raze's Showstopper disappearing inside a tiny hole, or sometimes getting 'eaten' by Cypher's Camera.

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When Recon Bolt stuck to an Owl Drone

This time around, something unusual and then something strange has happened between the two Sova's. In a match between Global Esports and White Shadow Esports in ESPL Valorant Power India, it so happened on Bind that Defender Sova (WS Esports' Pushiii) shot his Recon Bolt towards B Long, and at the same time, the Attacker Sova (Global Esports' KappA) took his Owl Drone out. Coincidently, the Recon Bolt hit the Owl Drone and stuck to it.

Sova's Recon Bolt is fire proof?

While Recon Bolt sticking to Owl Drone was an unusual incident, something strange happened after that. Attacker Owl Drone (Recon Bolt stuck to it) was going towards the port. Defender Jett spotted and destroyed it. But somehow, the Recon Bolt detached from the Drone and got stuck on a nearby wall. This is really strange because the Recon Bolt should have been destroyed along with the Drone's blast.

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something strange happened with sova recon bolt

It might be that the Recon Bold got stuck on the wall because the Drone blasted and it flew towards the wall. And some strange interactions among the different elements saved the Recon Bolt.

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