How to claim the new Duality Player card in Valorant

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After the DUALITY Cinematic Trailer release, Riot Games have introduced a new player card which happens to be connected with the Valorant Lore.

The new Duality player card has to be claimed in 48 hours from the time of this post release.

Update: Riot Games have removed the time constraint for Duality Player Card's redemption.

Steps to claim the card are:

  1. Log in to
  2. Enter the code YTILAUD (DUALITY backward)
  3. Redeem the card into your account

Now, it may seem pretty easy but the problem is the site is been crashed or is not responsive from seconds after the announcement. I suggest waiting for tomorrow mid-day and then try to login in as many might have redeemed their card and the site will have less traffic compared to now.

Duality player card : VALORANT

This is a pretty interesting play by RIOT Games as now players are not only interested in playing the game but it also creates interest in the lore side of it. The players will now be leaning in the theory side of the game too. This ultimately results in more publicity and advertising for Riot Games.

The DUALITY and the Pride month player cards are the two cards that have been released by RIOT Games where players are required to go log into a website to claim it. It is going to be quite interesting to see how RIOT Games will develop Valorant in more than just a game similar to their other title League of Legends as Valorant peaked at 1.2 millions viewers at Twitch alone during the VCT Masters 2 grand finals.