When does the Rank Reset in cod mobile?

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The Rank in cod mobile in both the Multiplayer and the Battle Royale resets after each rank season ends. The Rank season ends usually in two months. Currently the rank will reset in the next update and will move on to series 9 of ranked gameplay. When the rank resets so does the leaderboard. This opens up an opportunity for new players to top the board.

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How the rank reset works?

The rank resets after every two months as discussed above and each player is demoted by two levels in the new series. In the list below it will show the actual demotion levels.

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Demotion system
  • Legendary Rank-> Pro 1
  • Master V, VI, III,II,I-> Elite V, IV,III,II,I (respectively)
  • Pro V-> Veteran V
  • Pro III, IV-> Veteran IV
  • Pro I,II-> Veteran III
  • Elite IV, V -> Veteran II
  • Elite II , III -> Veteran I
  • Elite I, Veteran V -> Rookie V
  • Veteran III, V -> Rookie IV
  • Veteran II -> Rookie III
  • Veteran I -> Rookie II
  • Rookie I,II,III,IV, V -> Rookie I
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Drops by Two Levels

This is how the rank reset system works. The Legendary players will go down to Pro I no matter how high they are on the leader board. At the start of the new series the Pro I rank level is the highest level anyone in the game is.

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