Wild Rift delayed in India but all is not lost, explains Riot

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Riot's executive producer Michael Chow has explained the reasons for Wild Rift's delayed launch in India, North America, and South America earlier this morning. However, players in these region should not be too sad because all is not lost.

League of Legends: Wild Rift's open beta starts today in several parts of the world and more regions coming in December 2020. However, Riot Games had announced that Wild Rift would not be playable in certain regions including India, until 2021. Obviously fans were dejected by this. But today morning, Riot Games' executive producer has explained the reasons for the Wild Rift delay. He has also shared how Riot is going to bring the players in these regions on par with the world even after the game's delayed launch in 2021.

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Why is Wild Rift delayed in India, North America, and South America?

The main reason for Wild Rift's delayed launch in India, North America, and South America in the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the travel restrictions, teams have not been able to set up servers in these regions. The pandemic has also created some more "technical constraints and complicated each region’s own unique set of challenges."

It has become a much more complex and multi-faceted problem to bring service to your regions in particular. We want the quality of the Wild Rift servers to make the game shine for you. Rushing this is not going to give you the experience you deserve.

Michael Chow

Riot's concerns are justified because rushing things might create additional technical issues, and it might even lead to data loss in the process of migration to the new servers, when the pandemic situation normalizes.

How will Riot bring players from these regions on par with the world, even after the delayed launch?

lee sin, a champion in Wild Rift

Coming late in the ecosystem of a global game has its own losses, especially in a MOBA. And one of the biggest concern is getting the champions late. To counter this, Michael said, Riot is going to male it easy for people in these to earn some champions. Coming late has much more cons than just getting the champions late, however, they are looking for ways to counter this.

"Literally all of Riot is working together right now to bring this game to you as soon as we can, in a way that is worthy of you", said Michael Chow.

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