[Working] How to get Discord Nitro for free?

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Hello everyone, It's been a long time since I posted. I am starting with a banger though. We are going to learn how to get Discord Nitro literally for free!

Please note that this process is completely free but you need a good GPU for best performance.

Step 1: Download an application named, Salad from here.

We are going a trusted application, Salad. It uses the resources of your PC to mine crypto coins like Ethereum, RavenCoin, etc through miner plugins like PhoenixMiner, XMRig, etc.

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Step 2: Configuration

Before you start mining with Salad.io, it will ask you about how you want to mine, whether using CPU or GPU? I personally use GPU to make sure that it does not degrade my day-today usage experience. So, I recommend you to use GPU (you can switch to CPU later if you wish).

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PS: Use referrals for 2x Earning up to a Certain Limit.

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Step 3: Now leave the application open and wait for some hours. After you successfully mine the amount required for Discord Nitro, click in the shop and buy it.

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They will send you a link in the app as well as on your email to claim to your Discord Nitro.

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I hope everyone likes this trick of getting Discord Nitro for Free! Don't forget Flex your Anime GIF Pfp and animated emojis to your friends.

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