Relax, you can now redeem Duality Player Card anytime

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Valorant has removed 48 hour time limit on the Duality Player Card which was revealed yesterday. Valorant had released a new cinematic, Duality, yesterday. They had also released the Duality Player Card to celebrate and tease Episode 3. The player card was meant to be available for limited time and it could be redeemed for free. This resulted in a huge influx of traffic on Valorant's Redemption Page within minutes of the announcement, ultimately resulting in a server crash.

Fans all over the world (me including) have been trying to get the Duality Player Card ever since it was announced, but the redemption page is still unresponsive. Fans are frustrated and have been criticizing Riot on different forums.

Furtunately though, Riot has decided to remove the time constraint in redeeming the Duality Player Card. They have announced just now, "We know a lot of you have been trying to claim your free Duality Player Card. We're working with our partners to stabilize the code redemption tool as we continue to experience a high volume of traffic. We'll be removing the time limit and expiration on the code. We will update you once things return to normal."

The announcement has also got some fans questioning the value of the Duality Player Card, now that it is not a limited resource. What do you think about this? Do let us know in the comments below.

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