Yoru heavily buffed in Valorant patch 2.03, here are the details

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  • Yoru has received quite important buffs in Valorant patch 2.03 today.
  • His abilities have also been updated to make him more balanced.
  • Yoru can't body-block with his Dimensional Drift.

Update: Valorant Patch Notes 2.03 out now

Read everything in the latest Valorant patch notes 2.03 here.

Valorant's patch notes have released just now. In patch 2.03, Yoru has been buffed to make it safe to play Yoru. The new updates make Yoru's abilities less vulnerable. Let's take a look at all Yoru updates in Valorant Patch 2.03.

Gatecrash updates

Yoru's gatecrash now displays the tether's visibility range and audio range on the minimap. What this means is that you will safely be able to judge and use Yoru's gatecrash without worrying about the opponents hearing Gatecrashe's audio cue.

yoru can see the range of gatecrash on
The blue circle shows Yoru's Gatecrash detection range.

Players had complained about Yoru being useless due to the fact that enemies can hear hi abilities. While they have not decreased the range at which opponents can hear Yoru's Gatecrash, they have definitely made it safe to use, since you know the range now.

Minimap is now visible in Dimensional Drift

After the Valorant patch 2.03, Yoru players can see the minimap while using their ultimate ability Dimensional Drift.

mini map is visible now while using dimensional drift on
Minimap is now visible while using Dimensional Drift.

You can also see Yoru on the minimap while using Dimensional Drift, after Valorant patch 2.03.

Yoru can't body block other players

Ever since Yoru was released, players were using Yoru's ultimate ability Dimensional Drift to body block opponents in a corner, and then their allies would kill the enemy.

After the latest Valorant patch 2.03, Yoru can not body block other players. The opponents can simply push Yoru if he tries to detain them.

yoru cant body block now on
Opponents can push Yoru while he is using Dimensional Drift

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