Acend and SuperMassive Blaze qualify themselves for VCT Masters 3: Berlin

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Acend and SuperMassive Blaze qualify themselves for VCT Masters 3: Berlin: Acend and SupperMassive Blaze are now qualified for Masters Berlin Major by defeating Gambit Esports and G2 Esports respectively.

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The European Valorant region has four spots for the Berlin major. Two of those spots are now occupied by teams, Acend and SuperMassive Blaze. Both teams had tremendous showings in the EMEA Challengers Playoffs. Acend defeated Gambit Esports in a 2-1 fashion. Mehmet "cNed" Yağız was the match MVP of the series. He was the sole reason for many crucial round wins for Acend.

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SupperMassiv Blaze 2-0'd G2 Esports in the most dominating way possible. G2 Esports just won 9 rounds combined in both maps. However, G2 Esports and Gambit Esports still have a chance to make it to Berlin. They now have to play in the Lower Round 3 with Gambit playing the winner of Lower Round 2's Team Liquid vs. Forze and G2 Esports playing the winner of Guild Esports vs. Giants Gaming.

Acend going head-to-head against Sentinels is something the entire world wants to see now alongside the ScreaM vs TenZ (TL vs SEN) matchup. Acend and Sentinels both have qualified themselves for VCT Masters 3: Berlin. Just by looking at the teams qualified for Berlin as of writing this article, we can confidently say that Berlin will be far more entertaining than the VCT Masters 2: Reykjavik!

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