Valorant Leaks: Tournament Mode finally coming to Valorant?

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Valorant Leaks: Tournament Mode finally coming to Valorant?: Tournament mode is finally coming to Valorant according to Mike - Valorant Leaks & Info on Twitter.

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We have had many leaks regarding tournaments coming to Valorant. But this time it seems like they are finally coming to the game within the next few updates.

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"Compete in a high stakes tournament mode against other teams to earn super cool prizes. Tournaments are every other weekend with timetables listed below. Get started by verifying your identity and then creating or joining a team!" is the description provided about the tournament system as of now by Mike - Valorant Leaks & Info. The tournaments will have a prize for the winners. These prizes might range from Player Cards to Gun Buddies and everything in between.

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The entire process of the aforementioned tournaments was also leaked by Mike:

  1. Creating Teams: Once you create a team after being verified you can invite teammates.
  2. Find a Team: Look for available teams to join or post yourself as a free agent on the scouting board.
  3. Scouting Board, Tournament Shop, and Team Tags.

If a player wants to create a team then he/she needs to undergo certain verification procedures first to be able to invite people to his/her team. If a player is simply not interested in creating and managing a team on his/her own then he/she always has an option to just join an existing team. Players can do this by looking for teams on the scouting board.

A new shop solely to get tournament skins/prizes might also be introduced according to the leaks. Riot Games is proving to continuously provide updates, fixes and new features to the game from time to time. This is one of the main reasons due to which Valorant's player base is increasing at an exponential pace day by day.

This entire tournament system is pretty similar to that of League of Legends weekly tournaments.

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