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The whole gaming community is obsessed with Among Us and its gameplay. We can see hundreds of videos flooding on the internet related to this game. Even famous streamers play it on their channel for many hours and also get a lot of viewing. If you want to easily win the game, this article of Tips and Tricks for Tasks in Among Us will help you.

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#1 Admin: Swipe Card

among us tips and tricks

This is one of the most hectic tasks as you can fail a lot of times before completing it. Some might swipe slowly and other get it fast. There needs to be perfect precision while swiping. There is an alternate way where you have to slowly reach the (marked) point and then quickly reach the end.

#2 Align Engine Task

among us tips and tricks

You might have seen Align Engine task where you need to first go to the upper engine and then to the lower engine. But you can do it by a single tap and it will save you time. When you are aligning the output in upper engine, as you get it to the middle, quickly tap on the button to complete the task. Now you will not be needed to go to lower engine after that.

#3 Navigation: Stabilise Steering

among us tips and tricks

This task can be completed much easily. Many players try to align the marker at the middle point which can take some time. Instead just tap or click on the middle point and everything will be settled automatically.

#4 Start Reactor

among us tips and tricks

It the longest and confusing task in the game. Suppose you are doing it and forgot the combo in the final stages. Then rather than doing it again, just close the tab. Click on ‘Use’ and you will start from the point you left.

#5 Empty Garbage

among us tips and tricks

Whenever the task is used, the leaves fall from the top and accumulate in the bottom. Rather than waiting for them, just pull the lever when they are in air. This will directly send them down and save some lucky seconds. Same thing stands when you flush it out in the space.

I hope these tips will help you to have a better chance of winning. Stay tuned with Gamzo for more gaming updates.

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