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  • You can prove yourself to be a crewmate
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Among Us has become the leading multiplayer game during this global lockdown. People are enjoying this game even with simple graphics. This game is all about strategy and how well you execute tasks in the spaceship. The difficult part of the game is to prove yourself as a Crewmate. The imposters will try to make you a victim either during tasks or while voting. Thus, here are some tricks to prove that you are a crewmate in among us.

What are Visual Tasks?

The game consists of several tasks that need to be completed in the spaceship. These tasks need to be operated only by the crewmates during the game. Visual Tasks are some specific tasks that can be seen by other players. If you are found doing those tasks, it confirms that you are a crewmate. Moreover, any imposter trying to do it would be caught as they can only pretend to do tasks (fake tasks).

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Visual Tasks in Among Us

Here is the complete list of all Visual tasks in Among us along with the respective maps,

Visual Task #1 Clear Asteroids (The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus)
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This task is available in the weapons section on the maps. In order to complete it, you need to go near the shooter and click on ‘Use’. The aim is to destroy 20 asteroids in space. When you click an asteroid on the screen, a laser will come out of the guns on the outside. This shows that you re not faking the task and can be trusted.

Visual Task #2 Empty Garbage (The Skelds)
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This task is very easy to complete as you need to empty the garbage bins of the spaceship. Hold down the lever until all the components are flushed down. As the garbage is thrown out, you can look for everything going out in deep space. So it proves that you are a crewmate.

Visual Task #3 Prime Shields (The Skelds)
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The task includes switching on the shield system of your spaceship. You need to click of the red hexagons and turn them into white. Once all the shields are up, a bright light will flash on the rods present on the outer side. It is one of the easy tasks but dangerous as there is a high probability of being killed by an imposter.

Visual Task #4 Submit Scan (The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus)
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This is also the visual task where the player has to conduct a complete body scan. Any player performing this task can be seen standing on a platform with a green scan. No imposter can do it as it is only available for crewmates. Go to the medical section to get it done.

Visual Task #5 Empty Chute (The Skeld)
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Similar to the #2, this task also includes flushing down garbage in space. The only difference is that you need to manually put leaves into the opening before throwing it down the drain. This is in the O2 section of the map.

Turning Off Visual Tasks

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Some players don’t find it suitable that you can see visual tasks. To avoid this, the host has the option to turn off the visual tasks before starting the game. It has both pros and cons, so it depends upon your gaming style. But if you have them turned off, all the tasks will be invisible and imposters can fake them.

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