Everything About 3rd Anniversary PUBG Mobile Mode

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There is no doubt in the fact that the 3rd Anniversary PUBG Mobile mode is quite popular in the community. Therefore, we have covered all the details that you need to know about this new mode in Erangel map.

There is a trend that every year we get an Anniversary mode in PUBG Mobile. Similar to the last year, this time also there will be 3rd Anniversary PUBG mode. There have been several leaks related to the event. However, we have compiled all the important points that you need to know. Make sure to read the full article and get a glimpse of the new mode.

3rd Anniversary PUBG Mobile Map

3rd Anniversary PUBG Mobile mode

The players might be aware of the fact that last time the anniversary mode was present in the Erangel map. This time too the global version will have the anniversary mode in the Erangel. The event will spawn on 3 random locations on the map. Players can jump and land on them accordingly and get the loot. Also, there will be enough loot for a complete squad and hence make sure to equip yourself.

New Outfit Banners

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As you land on the location, players can see huge banners and hoardings on both sides. These will feature the new outfits that we might see in the 1.3 update. Also, they will contain some dance moves of 3rd Anniversary PUBG Mobile mode.

Disco Stage

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This is a fun time in the game and eventually, players will have to join the dance floor. The event location will have a virtual DJ stage for all the players. We might even see some music in the global version.

Air Glider

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This feature will again be seen in 3rd Anniversary PUBG mode where the players can fly in the air. The glider can shoot 4 people at the same time with a gliding suit. The players can travel and this will be beneficial when going in the safe zone.

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