Best Free Fire tips to reach Grandmaster Tier in 2021.

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Best Free Fire tips to reach Grandmaster will help you swiftly go past your opponents to higher tiers. The following tips are what the pros suggest too so it will be very useful if you use them in your game.

Best Free Fire tips to reach Grandmaster

Best Free Fire tips to reach Grandmaster

The following tips will definitely help you to have an edge over the players who do not know these tips as well as you do. These tips will be used by you every time which is why you will rank up faster than the others.

#1 Always use speed skill to move faster.

Most of the characters have a skill that boosts your HP or damage but you should however use their speed skill. using this skill will make you move faster in the game to cover more distances and evade your enemies. Kelly's skill for example gives you a boost in the movement which will help you to chase down your enemies easily.

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Always use speed skill to move faster

#2 Practice and get used to the Basic skill in the game

This tip is also very important as the more knowledge you have about the game the better you will be at it. You should use the pet's skills as well as the character's ability. Pet skill like that of Gloo wall will give you advantage over your opponents especially when you know where to use them. You should also be well versed with your movement and shooting skills which is very important in the game. The movement will help you doge the enemies as well as make it harder for them to kill you.

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Practice Basics

#3 Landing spots

In the battle royale you must know where exactly to land and where you will find it easier to loot and kill enemies. The best landing spots in Free Fire have already been mentioned in the previous articles. The timing of your jump is also very important as you want to land exactly at your desired location.

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Landing spots

#4 Survival and Kills

The more you survive and the more kills you have the more points you get to rank up. Ensure to get a decent number of kills and to survive longer in the game to rank up faster. If you die too quickly your points also do get deducted which is why you should also get some kills.

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Last Man Standing

#5 Booyah Point

This is like Chicken Dinner but for Free Fire. The final point you get is called Booyah point in Free Fire. The simplest rule in the game is that the player to be the last man standing will definitely get more points that the runner up. So you must play with the mindset to win the match.

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