Free Fire: 4 Best weapon combo with Shirou's Ability

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The game developers have released the character Shirou who has a very good skill which allows him to tag the enemy that shot him. This ability lets the player to track down the enemy as the ability also gives an armor penetration of 100 points which can be boosted while using the right weapons for the skill. Free Fire is giving this character away for free to all its players.

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Free Shiour

Weapon #1 SVD

The SVD is a long rang AR which is very powerful in the long rang shots. The weapon has a high armor penetration of 67 points which is a privilege that not all weapons have.

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Weapon #2 Woodpecker

The Woodpecker is another powerful weapon like the SVD which has high damage and armor penetration. Though the weapon got a nerf recently it still is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. The long range capabilities will give you the advantage to take down your enemy easily.

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Weapon #3 M82B

This weapon as we all know has a armor penetration of 67 points but what makes this weapon so powerful is that it can shoot through the Gloo walls and can damage your enemies. The massive damage and rang of the weapon makes it a very tough weapon to go against.

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Weapon #4 M1887

When you talk about the close range fights, this is the go to gun. This weapon has the ability to one shot the enemies especially when combined with Shirou's ability. In the close range combats you are sure to win the fight while using this gun.

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