3 Best Pets in Free Fire, Clash Squad mode

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Free Fire’s Team Death match is called the Clash Squad mode in which two teams fight each other until one of the teams win. The two teams are named Warbringers and Howlers and the one with the highest number of wins in a total of 4 rounds wins.

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Clash Squad mode

Which Pets can be used?

In this mode certain pets can be used to your advantage unlike the BR mode of the game. The pets mentioned below will give you some advantage over the other players who use some other or no pets.

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Pets in Free Fire

Three Best Pets in Free Fire

Free Fire has managed to attract its players by using this unique feature of using pets. These pets are not just the gun or character skins. They provide an advantage to the players who use them using their unique abilities. These pets can be purchased with the in-game currency, Diamonds.

#1 Poring

This pet named Poring increases the players durability of health and armor by 1 every 3 seconds. This pet can be used by the players who have an aggressive style of play or by the players who are prone to get shot more often. When Poring reaches level 5, the player will receive its benefit in every 2 seconds.

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Poring's ability

#2 Robo

Robo is well suited for the players who like to camp a lot or have a defensive style of play. He can even be used by snipers who can take out enemies from behind the Gloo walls. Robo has an ability that builds a wall behind the Gloo wall which has an HP of 60. When Robo reaches level 5 the wall will get an HP of 80.

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Robo's ability

#3 Detective Panda

This pet is every useful when you play an aggressive game. He has an ability that replenishes your health by 4 HP on killing an enemy. The player can kill an enemy and take cover while and let panda give you the HP boost. Upon reaching level 5 the HP will be restored to 7 HP.  

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Detective Panda's Ability

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