BGMI Poseidon X-suit is here: Here's a chance to get it for free

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On 12th August, the C1S1 M2 royale pass called ‘Project T’ has been released on BGMI and PUBG Mobile. The whole royale pass introduced in this season is based on the Ocean theme. Today, the stunning Poseidon X-suit is available on the game.

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To get the beautiful Poseidon 6 Star X-suit, players can head towards the Poseidon event on the top-right corner of the game. This is a time-limited event from 20th August to 1st October 2021. Along with Poseidon X-suit, players can get other Mythic outfits, X-suit exclusive emotes, Parachute skins, utility skin etc.

As of now, BGMI has two X-suits named The Golden Pharoah & The Blood Raven. Inspired by a mythical greek god, Poseidon X-suit has been introduced to the game. With levelling up, the X-suit name changes to Ocean Archlord.

Similar to other X-suits previously introduced in-game, this X-suit can be upgraded up to 6 stars. The upgradation require unique materials, which can be redeemed through the reward section in the Poseidon event.

Poseidon X-Suit Levels

  • Level 1: With 1-star players can get the basic look of the Poseidon X suit.
  •  With 2-star level players can interact with their teammates in the lobby.
  • : With three stars, an advanced display will be added.
  •  With four stars victory message display will be added.
  •  With five stars level, a spawn island exclusive reward will be added.
  •  With these six stars, last-level players will get the final look of the suit.

Like the other two X-suits, the whole upgradation process of this X-suit will be expensive. However, players have a chance for doing five spins using Silver coins. If you’re lucky enough, you can get the 1-Star X-suit in those five free spins.

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