BGMI to be released on 6 July: sources

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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) took the center stage for most of June in India when it finally released its early access, almost nine months after PUBG Mobile was banned. The game was first released in closed beta but then had to be made open for all because so many Indian fans had already downloaded the game from third-party sources like Tap Tap anyway.

Although the game is available to play, it is still in early access and due to this fact, esports events of BGMI have not yet kicked off. While this does not mean anything to casual players, hardcore esports fans do want to experience the thrill again.

While the word on the street about the BGMI launch date is 12 June, several trusted sources close to Gamzo have confirmed that the game might finally release on 6 July 2021. This is in line with some professional players like Kronten who have speculated on the game's release.

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Additionally, another popular Youtube content creator, Dynamo has provided us with information about the procedure of the official release of the game in his daily live stream. Dynamo says that the game would recieve an in-app update.