Chrono Vs Shirou In Free Fire, Who is better?

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These two character are the latest releases from Free Fire. These characters are a tough match when placed against each other. While Chrono's ability is considered to be overpowered, Shirou's ability is not to be ignored.

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Chrono Vs Shirou

Which Character is Stronger?

To compare which of the two characters are stronger we must first analyze their strengths in detail. Below we will discuss the characters.


Shirou has an ability called the " Damage Delivered" it is named so because it relates to his background of a delivery boy. The skill is a passive one in which it tags an enemy who shoots at Shirou. This plays a very important role when you go against snipers or campers. The enemy who shoots at Shirou will expose their location and the return fire against them will not be stopped by the armor. Shirou can technically one shot his enemies as the armor is ignored. The only downside of this skill is that the location of the enemy will be visible only to you and will not be shared with your teammates.

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Shirou's Ability


Chrono's skill is called the " Time Turner" in which a shield is created which has 600 HP. You can use this shield to help your friends as they will also be protected by it. The shield lasts for 9 seconds which gives you enough time to revive your teammates or even take down your enemy. This shield makes the character move faster than regular players and you can even shoot through the Shield. When inside the shield, due to its high HP it makes you invincible for 9 seconds which is a lot of time during a combat. The plus side of this ability is that your friends also get a movement speed bonus.

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Chrono's Ability

Now who would win between the two

After analyzing the abilities we can see that both the characters are very powerful but Shirou's ability is only useful when he gets shot first. If he does not get shot first he will not be able to one shot his enemies and would just be a normal character. Chrono on the other hand has a very durable and impenetrable shield around him which his allies can also use. This clearly shows how overpowered Chrono's ability is and is no doubt the winner in the comparison.

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Chrono wins

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