Free Fire: Cristiano Ronaldo, Chrono is overpowered in Feb 2021?

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Chrono is overpowered in Free Fire ? Many players think that he is overpowered and some of his abilities need to be nerfed. Chrono is the latest addition to the list of characters in the game. He is based on the most popular footballer in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo. His character of Chrono is becoming a pay to win character which is shifting the balance in the game.

Chrono is overpowered
CR7 as Chrono

Why Chrono is Overpowered?

Chrono is considered to be overpowered due to many reasons in the game. Some of them have been pointed out by the players in the game. They are as follows.

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Latest character Chrono

Shield HP

One of Chrono's ability is that he can create a shield around him which has an HP of 600 which is three times that of a normal player. This makes it impossible for players who are against him to break it in time. While playing solo vs squad, the solo player will no way be able to break his shield. This gives Chrono enough time to either revive his teammate, run away, or even shoot down his enemies.

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600 Shield HP

Shield Duration

Chrono's shield apart from the high HP it also lasts for nine seconds which is enough time for him to run, revive his teammates or even shoot down the enemies.

Shoot through shield

Chrono is overpowered mainly because he can shoot while he is using the shield. This ability makes Chrono invincible for nine seconds which is too long during an encounter. He can wipe out an entire team just by using this ability of his. This is why Chrono is overpowered in the game.

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Shoot through the Shield

What does the Free Fire community want?

The community wants the character to be balanced in the game so that the players who paid for Chrono do not get an easy advantage. Chrono is quite expensive in the game which means that not everyone playing the game can afford him. Chrono has become more popular than the previous character DJ Alok.

Reduce the Shield's HP

The community wants Garena to reduce Chrono's shield's HP and reduce it below 600. Currently the HP is so high that the player cannot break the shield in time.

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Reduce the Shield HP

Reduce the Shield's duration

The next thing that the players want is to reduce the time of the shield and reduce it from nine seconds. Doing this would mean that the other players would still have a chance of fighting Chrono.

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Reduce the Shield duration

Take away the ability to shoot through the shield

The players would love Garena to take away Chrono's ability to shoot through the shield. This may not be taken up by Garena as it is one of the only advantage that Chrono has, and taking this away would make the character incompetent of performing in matches. This would also be unfair on the players who had purchased the very expensive Chrono in the game.

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