Fnatic, G2, and OG failed to qualify for Valorant Masters EU, Riot Monitors T-Bagging.

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Fnatic, G2, and OG were among the best teams from the EU region who were expected to qualify for the Valorant Masters Stage 01 starting from 12th march but failed to do so.

EU Qualifiers for VCT Masters

G2 the best Valorant team from the EU after winning 8 straight titles in 2020 has failed to get a spot after losing 1-2 against DfuseTeam. Fnatic as well as OG's brand new teams announced in February too have been bailed out of the tournament with a scoreline of 0-2 against Ballista Esports and Raise Your Edge respectively. These teams have joined a big list of some well-established orgs Like TSM, Liquid, NRG, and C9 who too have failed to secure a Seed spot for their respective regions.

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Many analysts predicted the EU to be an Under-Appreciated region compared to NA but these recent upsets have proved that the EU has a much Deeper Talent pool than other regions making it one of the most interesting Regions to watch out for in the near future.

Riot Monitors T-Bagging In VCT EU Qualifiers

Riot during their EU Master qualifiers had instructed teams to not T-bag their opponents' dead bodies as it would not be appropriate for live Broadcasting. This was revealed as one of the G2 players leaked the in-game message given by a riot official during their match.

The Entire community has mixed feelings regarding the T-Bagging issue as some feel Proper ethics must be followed during Professional Matches whereas others feel T-Bagging is part of Esports Culture that should not be taken seriously.

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