COD mobile: What is it? Best game?

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Call Of Duty or COD mobile is an online free-to-play shooter game for android and IOS devices. It was released on October 1, 2019 by Activision and Garena. This game is also available on other platforms like PC, PlayStation and Xbox under different titles. These games have some similarities like maps, weapons, characters etc.

COD mobile

Game Modes in COD mobile

COD mobile has many game modes ranging from Battle Royale to multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination etc. These game modes give the game a variety of options to play from.

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Game modes

Team Deathmatch mode

In this mode a player is teamed up with 4 other players and they have to fight against the opponents. The first team to reach a certain number of points wins the match. The player can choose from his different weapons to perform best in the game.

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Team Deathmatch

Domination mode

This mode is such that a team has to capture flags that will be appointed in a map and the longer you hold the flag the faster you win the game. You have to cap at least 2 out of 3 flags to win the game. The total number of points are 100 for multiplayer and 150 for ranked multiplayer.

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Search and Destroy mode

This is a very fun mode to play as one team has to plant a bomb under a certain time while the other team has to defuse it. You only get one life to do so and if the team fails to defuse or plant the bomb the other team wins.

These few modes are the most popular ones in the game and the rest of the game modes are similar to it.

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Search and Destroy

Battle Royale Mode

This mode has a big map with 100 players playing. The last player standing wins the match. You can either play with your squad or even play solo and duo. In this mode, you can also select your class that helps you in the game. The different classes have different perks as well. This is explained in the previous article.

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Battle Royale

Supporting devices

This game has a low requirement in terms of device specifications which has already been talked about in the article comparing COD mobile and PUBG mobile.

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