Game Battle 2021: COD mobile VS PUBG mobile.

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There is no doubt that these two games are the best in the entire world. However, the graphics and gameplay rate differs in both of them. PUBG mobile was released before COD mobile which means it had more time to develop and improve. This improvement led it to have better graphics and detailing.

Graphics Comparison

Both these games have a very good graphics but it is PUBG Mobile which comes on top. PUBG Mobile's graphics is more realistic but COD mobile's is more vivid. The gameplay is also more intense in COD mobile. The graphics in PUBG mobile is much more detailed which is why the size of the game is also bigger than that of COD mobile.

Graphics Comparison

System Requirements (Android)

The main question is that will these games run on a mid-range device? To answer this question we must see its system requirements:

Ram- 2GB and aboveRam- 2GB and above
Android Version- 5.1.1 or aboveAndroid version- 5.1 or higher
Space-2GBSpace-1.5 GB
These requirements are for Android

System Requirements (IOS)

For the iPhone users all you need to have is a device that has an IOS 9.0 or above to run PUBG mobile or COD mobile.

Which of these will run smoothly on a mid-range phone

To answer this question in a very short way, we can say that while PUBG is bigger in size as it requires a little more of the graphic detailing and COD on the other hand is a game that does not have a very high graphics detail like PUBG but is faster. This makes COD mobile a better option to play on your smartphone.

The Final review

While both PUBG and COD need only 2GB of ram to run, PUBG mobile will be better suited for a smartphone with a higher Ram as the graphics of the game is very detailed. On the other hand, COD mobile is the best option if you have a smartphone with 2 or 3 GBs of Ram as its graphics is a little less demanding and the gameplay will also be much smoother as compared to PUBG mobile.

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COD mobile

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