Valorant's new agent leaked? Here's everything we found.

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On 29th September, Valorant Patch Notes 1.09 was released by the devs giving more content for the data miners to scan through and this time too, they had an interesting find for us.

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New agent Leaked?

The devs have already announced that there will be a new addition to the agent list and the fans are eager to find out more about the thirteenth agent. Data miners have dug out strings which probably suggest the name of the new agent. Valorant Leaks has tweeted out a picture which says the new agent name maybe "Stealth".

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According to some data miners, this agent was under process for a while now because only materials and textures have been added this time.

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There are no official announcements from Riot yet, but these might hint at the new agent. As the name says, the agent may even have sneaky abilities making stealth the main power. But is the new agent leaked? Or Riot has more in store for us?