Dot Crosshair Valorant: Everything you need to know about small crosshairs

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Dot Crosshair Valorant: Everything you need to know about small crosshairs: Crosshairs play an integral role in almost every game. But the importance of crosshairs shines in almost every traditional FPS game.

FPS games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Riot Games' Valorant offer plenty of customization when it comes to crosshairs. You can customize the shape, nature(static or dynamic), colour, size, inlines, outlines and shadows of your crosshair. There is no endgame or best crosshair and it really boils down to your preference. But there sure are some points you need to remember when making your own crosshair.

Nature of crosshair

Crosshairs are mainly of two types: static crosshair and dynamic crosshair. Static crosshairs are the type of crosshairs that do not move or change their shape or appearance when your player model is moving or just spraying your weapon. Dynamic crosshairs are just the opposite of static crosshairs. There is no better option among the two crosshair types but if you're having trouble deciding which one to use then just keep in mind that the majority of pros just use a basic static crosshair with not much going around.

Crosshair Colour

This may be the least determining factor when making a crosshair. Just keep in mind that your crosshair should be of such a colour that it is visible in every region of all the maps.

Dot Crosshair vs. big crosshairs

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, big crosshairs are the meta as spraying your weapon seem to be easier with it. CSGO is a game where the spray of weapons is one-hundred percent uniform and every time you spray a gun the spray will be the same. This isn't the case in Valorant as the spray is random or changes every time you spray a weapon. In Valorant, tapping or burst firing is more suited than spraying. So in this game, dot crosshairs or smaller crosshairs are more preferred.

Some famous Dot Crosshairs

Let's take a look at some of the most famous dot/small crosshairs used by professional Valorant players and also some well known crosshairs created by the lovely Valorant community.

Liquid ScreaM

TL scream pro settings

Liquid ScreaM is notoriously known as the "HEADSHOT MACHINE" because of his ability to one-tap his way to the top of the scoreboard. He is considered to be one of the best FPS players and also one of the most mechanically gifted players in the entire world! He uses the dot crosshair in Valorant.

TSM FTX Wardell

tsm wardell pro settings

TSM FTX Wardell is considered one of the best if not the best OPers in the entire North American region. He uses a small cyan static crosshair.

Sentinels TenZ

Sen Tenz Valorant Pro Settings

If you're still not convinced that dot or smaller crosshairs are the meta then I'd suggest you just look at what the best player in the world- SEN TenZ is using as his main crosshair. He uses a small static crosshair with cyan colour. Cyan colour gives the crosshair good visibility in each and every area in all the six maps in Valorant.


Shroud Pro Valorant Settings

Shroud is widely considered as one of the most flexible and most versatile FPS gamers in the entire world. He was a professional player in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for NA's Cloud9 but he then shifted to full time streaming on twitch where he is one of the biggest names on the platform.

Luminosity Aproto

image 180 on

Luminosity Aproto uses the box crosshair in Valorant. He became widely known for hitting one taps with his box crosshair using his trusty ION Sheriff. Streamers like Ethos use his crosshair. I have been using this crosshair for the past two months and it has been my favourite one yet.

I hope you guys can now make your perfect crosshair. Remember everything is just preference and if you like a big crosshair even for Valorant then it's entirely your choice.

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