Grim Valorant: T1 sign Grim

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Grim Valorant: T1 sign Grim: T1 Esports has officially signed Grim to their Valorant content creation team.

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Grim is an active North American twitch streamer who grinds Valorant all day. But the way he does it was never been seen before. He reigns supreme in the server by killing enemies from positions they never expect! If you happen to be in a match against Grim then it's better to just start looking up while clearing angles or pushing. This is because he is a player who mains sage and uses her wall ability as no other sage main does.

He plays sage on radiant level by finding the most niche and unheard one-way sage walls or even just walling in a position no one really expects him to be. Grim became viral on youtube and TikTok because of his out-of-this-world 1000iq sage walls. Any person who plays Valorant and has dabbled in the world of Valorant SubReddit will recognize him as the "SAGE WALL GUY".

Sen TenZ's Grandma is rank 2 in NA.

It will be quite interesting to see Raze main T1 Flights along with T1 Grim's sage as both of these players have taught us plenty of things that no one even knew these agents were capable of!

Skins like Reaver Vandal, ION Phantom and have aimbot