Leaks of Diretide on Dota 2 found, Is it really coming? Community finds in-game files revealing info

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Diretide files have been found inside the source code for Dota 2, does it confirm the event? What info has been found? Read on to find it!

Rumours of Diretide making a comeback has been circulating around the community since the developers hinted it at the end of the latest update which came after a long time. Some person in reddit has found info which indicates some gameplay mechanics and rewards in the code of the game on github.

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dota 2 diretide leak
Diretide source code leak

Everything that has been leaked till date

This furthermore confirms that finally a new event is coming back to Dota 2 and it's one of the events which was very fun and rewarding in the past. Some features which have been found in the code are as follows:

  1. It's a 5v5 mode
  2. At the end of the match, players will receive rewards.
  3. There will be a paid subscription or a bonus for Dota Plus subscribers, which is more likely.
  4. "Ate a taco" consumable found.
  5. Subscribers will possibly receive exclusive treasures (One player will receive a treasure, in the files the ID of this treasure indicated Immortal Treasure 3 2020)
  6. The event will most likely be in the form of a Battle Pass, since all players received 10 points for the end of the game, similar to past events like frostivus.
  7. We now know the nicknames of the testers and their Dota ID.

This is all that we have for now but I am sure that the Dota 2 devs would be willing to take this event out as the current state of Dota 2 is at a crisis. In case you are not familiar with the mode, we will be writing an article about what the Dire tide was all about in the past.