Your favourite Dota 2 personalities in the finals of the Esports Awards 2020

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ODPixel, Sheever and the likes of other dota 2 personalities have been nominated for various categories in the finals of the Esports awards.

Esports awards 2020 Dota 2 personalities

Dota 2 personalities from the community have been deservedly nominated to be a potential winner of their categories. You can help them win by voting them in the official website of the Esports Awards 2020:

Esports Analyst of the year and Caster (coloured) of the year: Fogged

Fogged image

Esports Host of the year: Sheever

Sheever image

Coach of the year: Heen from Team Secret

Heen image

Caster of the year: ODPixel

ODPixel image

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