Microsoft Artemis Prevents Sex Predators in Video Game Chats

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Microsoft has recently released the Artemis; a new tool to tackle online sex predators in video game chats.

These bad guys mainly exploit children for sexual purposes using the chat function in multiplayer video games.

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The Microsoft Artemis works by automatically scanning text-based comments and rates them based on algorithms to see if a user is trying to sexually exploit children. Human moderators will later review the flagged comments and determine if the user needs to be reported. Also, legal action will be taken against the offenders, if required.

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A team led by Hany Farid, a digital forensics expert at Dartmouth College and Microsoft collaborated to develop this technique. The duo initially worked with messaging services like Kik and the popular game Roblox with the help of anti-trafficking entity Thorn. Thorn will now exclusively handle the software's licensing. This project kickstarted in November 2018.

The software is now live and will be distributed amongst nonprofit organizations, gaming and messaging service developers.

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Microsoft is not the only company working to prevent child abuse and exploitation. Recently, even YouTube was in the limelight after it bought down several channels and disabled comments on tons of videos after some reports suggested that child porn kind of mafia existed on the platform. Facebook claims that it uses machine learning to fight this issue.

Apple App Store had to remove the Tumblr app after images portraying child sexual abuse propped up.

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Microsoft is a popular tech company that also makes popular software like Azure and builds devices like Xbox as well. You can read more about the Artemis tool here.

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