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The previous season is still going on in the game and we have got some news related to the new PUBG Mobile Season 18. Yes, here are the season 18 leaks of some expected rewards that you will be seeing in the next couple of weeks.

PUBG Mobile is among the popular battle royals in the gaming community right now. If you play the game, you should know about the Royal Pass feature present in PUBG. It is like a special privilege given to the players who pay real money to get the benefits. The new PUBG Mobile Season 18 Royal Pass is just around the corner. Therefore, here are some of the tier rewards that are most likely to be introduced in the game.

Golden Disco Outfit

PUBG mobile season 18 tier rewards

This is going to be the first-ever mythic outfit to be introduced in the tier rewards of PUBG Mobile Season 18. The complete outfit is highly decorated with various accessories. Moreover, the golden color on the purple base looks so amazing. We will get this outfit most probably in the Gold Tier.

DP-28 Skin

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There is no doubt in the fact that DP-28 is one of the most stable guns in the game. Thus, the developers are providing a cool purple themed DP-28 gun skin for the players. You can get this skin for free once you get to the Diamond tier in PUBG Mobile Season 18.

Ace Parachute Skin

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You must be aware of the fact that getting to Ace tier is not an easy job. This is the reason that pro players who get to Ace will get a brand-new parachute skin. We will have S18 writen on the chute that will show your dominace in the game. Mkae sure to grind with your sqaud to reach this tier.

Conqueror Avatar Frame

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Similar to the previous seasons, PUBG Mobile Season 18 will provide the Conqueror players with an amazing Avatar Frame. It will have S18 written on it for other players to see in your profile. It is always a dream come true to reach the Conqueror tier in the game.

Golden Mask

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This mask will match with the earlier mentioned Golden Disco Outfit for the players. This can be either present in the RP rewards or some event. However, it is totally free and you can get it easily in the game.

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