How I changed my Valorant home screen?

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I love customisation. To fulfil my fantasy, I changed Valorant's home screen this time, after I got to know a sneaky method. To begin with, Valorant already has a great home screen, and it also gets updated every Episode to suit the theme. The game got its latest home screen just a few days ago with Episode 3, Reflection.

However, if you don't want to wait for a new episode for a brand new cinematic, or maybe if you just want a nice touch of personalization in nothing but Valorant, this article is for you.

Legal mumble jumble: This is just an educational article. Please read Valorant's Terms before moving forward.

How to change Valorant Home Screen?

You are going to need a video in .mp4 format. Keep the video ready beforehand. Follow the below steps and embrace your new home screen.

  • Open Valorant and leave it as it is
  • Rename your preferred video as 'HomeScreen'
  • Go to your Riot Games folder, and then VALORANT > live > ShooterGame Content > Movies Menu
    • Riot Games folder should be in C drive for most people
  • Replace the 'HomeScreen' video with yours
  • Open Valorant
  • Click on 'Play' button
  • Come back to home by clicking on 'Home' button
  • Voila!

Please note that the home screen will reset when you restart Valorant again.

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