How to be better at Multiplayer Games?

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Multiplayer gaming has taken a whole new level after the release of Pubg. The gaming community is now growing stronger. Multiplayer games like CSGO and PUBG require certain skills and cannot be mastered in a day. So today in this topic we will discuss how to become better at multiplayer games and what makes somebody a pro player?


Yes, the first thing you need to improve is your aim. If you have a better and faster aim then it will be very helpful. For that, you need to have a quick reaction time and it comes with practice. Play training maps or deathmatch online to practice. Your mind and hand will work in coordination and you will know exactly how much to move your mouse to get that headshot. And this results in great flick shots like in the game CS: GO. If your aim is good then automatically your game will improve. Learn to shoot targets which is moving and know your weapon recoils too.
csgo aim

2. Gameplay Strategies

When you play any game you cannot just go and start shooting your enemies. You need to read your enemies. Just rushing towards the location will get you killed in a higher rank game. Using utilities to your advantage is a very important part of game sense. Know your map and learn about peek angles. Use sounds at your own advantage. Don't throw your utilities like grenades or flashbangs unnecessarily. Those utilities can change the whole game. Watch pro players gameplay and don't be afraid to play with people who are at a higher rank than you. They can teach you a lot of skills and strategies. Know what you are good at, let it be sniping, assaulting, lurking or camping. Learn new tricks from youtube. Everyone is good at something.
pubg peek

3. Play at optimal Brightness and settings

Yes, this is an important point too. Playing at comfortable brightness will improve the visibility. It will be easier to spot enemies but don't play at the very highest brightness. It may strain your eyes. Adjust your brightness according to ambient light. But don't play at very low and dark brightness also. Your eyes will struggle to spot enemies and that will actually affect your eyes. Adjust your graphics which suits best for you. Some may like high contrast and some may like high saturation but don't make the visibility poor. Play at settings which gives maximum fps on your PC. Playing at higher graphics that your pc is not supporting won't help you in a multiplayer game. You need more frames and better visibility.
computer brightness

4. Use a comfortable mouse and Chair

Having a good mouse is also necessary. A cheap mouse comes with a poor sensor and doesn't respond properly with fast movements. And the biggest compromise with a cheap mouse is the poor design. They are not at all ergonomic. Using a mouse which is comfortable for your hand and wrist is important. Rather than buying a cheap mouse at local shop invest some money on a branded gaming mouse. It will work fine for years and will be safe for your wrist too. A better mouse will define your gaming style and can make a big difference in playing. Sitting on a good chair will ensure that your body posture is good. We know gaming chair costs a lot but hard work and patience will get you one. Earn money and save for yourself to get one.
gaming setup

5. Pay attention to your health

There are many gamers who play games more than 8 hours a day and then get sleep deprived. Playing for too long especially at night will affect your sleep. Get some natural light and drink plenty of water. If you are sleep deprived or tired and playing games, then it will directly affect your gameplay. In a long run, you will lose your attention and focus. It will make you frustrating and eventually you will start raging. You should take a walk and sleep for a couple of hours before getting into any competitive gaming. Do some stretching exercises and try to avoid caffeine and alcohol. Your muscle memory will be highly affected. Just like you are maintaining the health of your game character, you need to maintain your own in real life!
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6. Be a good teammate

Last but not the least, you need to be a good teammate. Don't try to be bossy and be a friendly teammate. Multiplayer game is a team based game and not a solo game. Sometimes you are queued with a shitty player and you start raging. Give proper callouts where your enemy is and appreciate them if he or she gets the enemy killed. Learn from your deaths and learn from others too. Don't keep your ego too high. Keep it simple and talk efficiently. And most importantly get a good microphone. No one wants to hear poor voice quality and it is irritating.
multiplayer teammates
Hope you will take some tips from here also let us know in the comments below if you know some tips too.

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