Lotharhs Valorant: Stinger and Bulldog are the new meta says Lotharhs in Valorant patch 3.02

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Lotharhs Valorant: Stinger and Bulldog are the new meta says Lotharhs in Valorant patch 3.02: Stinger and Bulldog may be the new meta in Valorant patch 3.02 according to Lotharhs.

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Lotharhs is a full-time Streamer/Caster under the G2 Esports banner. Being an avid Valorant player, he believes he has figured out a new meta that could completely change half buys in the game. It's been quite a while since the Bulldog and the Stinger were THE guns to buy in half buys or after the pistol round.

At the game's initial stages in April through July 2020, the Stinger was considered to be overpowered and even the best gun in the game in terms of value for money by a huge majority of both professional players and casuals. The stinger meta was soon nerfed by Riot and the meta just shifted to the Spectre.

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Almost a year from that meta, it seems like Lotharhs has brought the Stinger meta back into action. Even in the case of Bulldog, it was never considered to be a viable gun due to its 2400 pricetag in-game. Since Riot Games lowered the gun's price in patch 3.0 to 2050 points, the gun even saw some action in the VCT Stage 3 Challengers Open Qualifiers. Bulldog was most commonly seen in the hands of Sentinels ShahZaM on Breeze map.

After patch 3.02, Lotharhs showed how broken the stinger and bulldog actually are. If you press mouse 1 and mouse 2 (Primary fire and secondary fire/scope) simultaneously, you can shoot these guns whilst moving! The surprising thing was the accuracy was the exact same as that of standing accuracy. This is mainly because of the guns having burst mode as their secondary fire.

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Lotharhs suggests placing your crosshair at the opponent's waist level when using the Stinger and your crosshair on the opponent's head level when using the Bulldog. He entered a deathmatch to show his theory in action. He quickly proved himself right by obliterating his opponents using a just Stinger while his opponents used guns like Phantom, Vandal and even the Operator.

Just like the time when TenZ showed the world how consistent running and gunning was in Valorant by just killing people in a deathmatch, Lotharhs doing the same thing to prove his theory makes me wonder that from now on, all the players might start doing what Lotharhs has shown the Valorant community.

Lotharhs even one-upped himself when he also discovered that if you bind the weapon-fire and weapon-scope option to the same button on your mouse say mouse1 or the left click, then the process of scoping unscoping and firing would be automatic! This means that anyone from Iron rank to Radiant rank could do it in just one go.

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In my opinion, this new emergence of the half buy meta came at an absolutely wrong timing. This is because teams like 100 Thieves started to introduce a new meta where teams would just force buy if they lost the pistol round or in Cloud9 Blue where C9 leaf would buy the stinger when playing Reyna and his teammates would just safe and play for picks during their save rounds. This Lotharhs method completely disregards those metas and also introduces luck-based killing mechanics when running and gunning was just removed from the game however partially by Riot Games.

Check out the Lotharhs meta in action here:

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