Pokemon Go: Catch your Shiny Meowth ASAP

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Pokemon Go's new Team Rocket bosses have finally landed on Pokemon Go, and this has obviously affected some wild Pokemons in the game at least for some time. You may also encounter Monsters that are commonly used by Team Rocket in the wild more often, you can also capture some new Shiny type Pokemons.

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Shiny Meowth

Till November 14, Pokemons like Meowth, Koffing and Ekans will spawn frequently in the wild, and Pokemons related to "Team Go Rocket" and the "Team Go Rocket Boss, Giovanni" will appear in Raids. Get ready to battle with Shiny Meowth in Raids as well.

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Team Rocket has also bought some new Shadow type Pokemons as well like Shadow Bellsprout, Shadow Sandshrew, Shadow Porygon, Shadow Magnemite, and Shadow Wobbuffet when battling against Team Rocket grunts. The new Team Rocket leaders can access Pokemons like Shadow Meowth, Shadow Sneasel and Shadow Scyther.

You can also summon the new Team Rocket bosses- Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra by using an item called the Rocket Radar. You can assemble these items after collecting six mysterious elements from Team Rocket grunts. With the Rocket Radar, you can spot the hideout of any Team Rocket bosses and challenge them to battle with you, and if you win, you can rescue a Shadow Pokemon that's in their captivity.

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The Team Rocket leaders arrived alongside a new Special Research questline, which culminates in an encounter with Team Rocket head honcho Giovanni. If you manage to defeat the evil trainer in battle, you'll have a chance to rescue a Shadow Legendary Pokemon.

Apart from this, the first Gen 5 Legendary, Cobalion Pokemons will be appearing in five-star Raids happening till November 26.

The game's November Community Day is set to take place on November 16.

Chimchar is the featured Pokemon of this month this is a Fire-type starter from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Also, if you evolve it all the way into Infernape two hours after the Community Day finishes, your Infernape will learn a special event-exclusive move.

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