PUBG Mobile Payload 2.0 Leaks. Upgraded Drones Among Others

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There are already numerous modes in PUBG Mobile, each one has its own mechanism and is enjoyed by the players. One of the most appreciated modes is the Payload mode. It provides extraordinary combat experience to players with deadly weapons like RPG, MGL, and many more. It also features helicopters and rocket launchers. After it was released in the game, it didn’t receive many changes from then. But now it’s going to get a major rework in the upcoming update. The internet is already flooding with major leaks of Payload 2.0, which claims advanced vehicles, brand new drones, and upgraded helicopters that will improve the gameplay even further. So, read on to know all about PUBG Mobile payload 2.0 leaks which include upgraded drones, vehicles, and helicopters.

As always, this mode is firstly featured in the Chinese mode, Game For Peace. Make sure to read the full article to get all the details regarding the Payload 2.0

Advanced Vehicles

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If you have played the Rage Gear Mode, then you must be aware of the weapons attached to the vehicles. Similarly, Payload 2.0 will feature new and advanced vehicle system, that includes Modified Dacias and Upgraded UAZ’s. the developers didn’t stop at just adding rocket launchers, but these new toys will be having other upgradations. Some of them will be equipped with flame throwers and machine guns. They will revolutionise the chase tactics in the game.

Brand New Drone

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You must be thinking about the drones available in the Arctic Mode of the game. But let me assure you, the drones in Payload 2.0 are going to be more deadly. These can be controlled by a remote from a distance. Unlike the previous ones, you can even eliminate players inside a building or running in an open field. Players can also use it as a mode of surveillance in the nearby areas.

Upgraded Helicopters

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The previous helicopters will now get replaced by the upgraded ones. Earlier helicopters were just used as a means of transport and the players have to take weapons with them to fight on the way. But with these new helicopters, fights will be between the armored vehicles and helicopters. These will be weaponized with armor-piercing bullets and possess a better shield system.

Make sure to stay tuned for more leaks about the upcoming update. Don’t forget to share with us your emotions about PUBG Mobile Payload 2.0 Leaks which include upgraded drones, vehicles, and helicopters.

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