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Yuvin Community Cup is an esports tournament organized by Yuvin Esports Pvt. Ltd. and the company has announced another season after the great success of its predecessor. This year it will be held between 24th June and 7th July and is being sponsored by Cooler Master and Creative Peripherals.This time they have announced that there will be more titles, a greater number of teams and a much bigger prize pool.

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This year this cup includes;

- A Dota 2 competition with a mix of qualifying and invitational formats.  29 teams from eight South Asian countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and India have registered for the tournament. The qualifying rounds were held on 20-21st June.  Two teams each from India and Pakistan have qualified for 2nd stage.  Indian teams are Sleepy Boisz and Team Randoms while Ninja Titun (Shizzydota’s team) and Zealous Gaming from Pakistan have progressed ahead. Considering the robust DOTA2 community, Myanmar based teams are special invitees in finals of YCC S2. The final stage will be held between 26th June to 29th June 2020.

- CSGO (12 teams) and PUBGM (24 teams) tournaments will see participation from only Indian teams. 

It is expected that the tournament is going to be an amazing treat for the esports enthusiasts specially for DOTA2 lovers across South Asia and Southeast Asia regions.  

Prize Pools;

- DOTA2 has prize pool of Rs.70,000/- Prize pool break up is winner Rs.45,000 and runners up Rs.25,000/-

- CSGO competition will be held between 30th June and 3rd July 2020.  CSGO has prize pool of Rs.80,000/- Prize pool break-up is winner Rs.50,000 and runners up Rs.30,000/-

- PUBGM has largest prize pool of Rs.1.5 lakhs. Prize pool break-up is Winner Rs.80,000, 2nd Rs.40,000, 3rd Rs.25,000 and MVP Rs.5,000/-

You can tune in to Facebook and YouTube to watch the live streams of the games.

Details of format for your reference.

Game titleNo. of teams participatingDatesPrizepoolSplit Up
Dota 26 Invited + 4 Qualifiers26th June - 29th June70,0001st- 45,000  2nd - 25,000
CSGO12 Invited teams30th June - 3rd July80,0001st - 50,000  2nd- 30,000
PUBGM24 Invited Teams are divided into 3 groups - Divided into 2 stages- Semifinals stage and Finals Stage - 24 teams will fight it out over 2 days with 4 maps being played against each group - top 18 teams will qualify for the final stage - Here the teams fight it out over 2 days with 5 maps being played each day and we get a winner crowned.4th July - 7th July150,0001st - 80,000 2nd 40,000  3rd 25,000 MVP - 5,000
Dota 210 teams with random seeding will be put in brackets with double elimination format   
CSGODivided into 2 stages - Semifinals Stage and Finals Stage - 8 teams are invited to Semifinals Stage and 4 teams are directly invited to Finals Stage- First rd. of Semifinals stage will be Single Elimination ( 8teams to 4 teams ) - Finals stage will be where 4 Semifinals winners will face off against 4 directly invited 4 finalists - first round of finals stage will be single elimination and then 2nd round will follow a double elimination format   

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