PUBG Mobile Guide For Noobs #3 | Vikendi + Sanhok | Landing and Looting |

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Hey there fellow noobs,

This is part 3 of my PUBG guide and  I will be discussing looting and landing in Sanhok and Vikendi in this part of the guide. If you haven’t read part 1 and part 2 yet, make sure to go through them. I spend a lot of effort and time in making these guides for you guys, so if these helped you out in any way please do drop in a comment and let me know.


Sanhok is by far my favorite map in the game. It’s an amazing map with incredible loot no matter where you land. Due to the small size of the map the games are fast paced and include amazing, intense firefights. But, due to the foliage in the map it is pretty prone to snakes just lying down somewhere behind a rock or tree, so always be on the lookout for sudden movements. Due to the amazing loot in this map, it is ideal for all kinds of players (aggressive/passive/neutral) unlike Erangel which is not suited for Passive players.

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Hot Drops

- Bootcamp

- Paradise Resort

- Pai-Nan

Neutral Drops

- Khao (My personal favorite)

- Cave

- All Camps (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie)

- Tat-Mok

Passive Drops

- Even though I personally do not give a shit about where you land, but in Sanhok land in any corner of the and you are guaranteed to get a good loadout

My Tip;

Keeping in mind the plane path, land somewhere in the end of the path. As I said it does not matter where you land you will get a good loadout. So if you land at somewhere near the end you can have a chance of killing the few AFK players and at least 2-3 bots per game. Then find a vehicle and enter the zone. The best loadout for this map is 1 AR, 1 Sniper(Bolt Action/ Semi-auto your choice), Plenty of meds (4-5 Med kits, 5-6 drinks, 2-3 painkillers) and extra grenades and smokes. Doesn’t matter what kind of a player you are, try using this loadout and see if this improves your survival rate.

Bonus Tip - If you are just starting out, enter the new zone early and always stay at the edge of the zone. This way you can pick off any latecomers who are trying to enter the zone and you can stay away from the people picking fights.


Personally I am not a huge fan of this map. It’s full of pretty open areas which lack and kind of cover. The loot is moderate (some might say it’s shit). The snow is an added disadvantage because of the footprints left in it and the frozen river crossings are harder too.  Due to the open spaces it’s always better to travel in a vehicle, or else there is a high probability that you might get gunned down while trying to run.

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Hot Drops

- Cosmodrome (My personal favorite)

- Cement Factory

- Dino Park

Neutral Drops

- Hot Spring

- Podvosto

- Castle

- Peshkova


- Hell (Yeah that’s right, drop straight to hell)

My Tip,

It’s always better to land at a named place in Vikendi, dropping in a random corner is not recommended for Vikendi. Due to this, no matter which town you land in there will always be someone landing there with you. So, instead of going in the center of the spot land on the edge on the town, move slowly and go through 4-5 buildings till you get armor and a gun. Then move to the center and look for people. If you find someone take them out before they have a chance to even see you. Then loot the town, search for vehicles and go for the zone. Never stop to take an airdrop because someone will definitely gun you down.  As for the loadout, I recommend carrying 2 ARs, lots of meds and a lot of smoke grenades.

Bonus tip – If, during the final circles, you find yourself stuck outside the zone and behind a tree; here’s what you do. Drop smoke grenades on the left and right of the tree, holster your gun, say JAI MATA DI LET’S ROCK and run through one of the smokes into the zone. As soon as you enter the zone, find cover or go prone. Then heal and proceed to do anything you want.

If you guys liked this Sanhok and Vikendi Landing guide, do read my previous articles. I will be adding more posts similar to this Sanhok and Vikendi Landing guide, so be sure to check those out. Also join our discord server and hit me up if you have queries regarding any mobile game.  You can add me on PUBGm as well (CottonCandy420) if you want to chill and get some dubs.