Ascent is falling down, first Yoru and now Abilities

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Imagine you are Phoenix with 2 HP, you try to heal with Hot Hands but it falls down below the map. It's real.

We are into a few days of Episode 2, we have got a new agent Yoru. With the new agent, we have also got some new kind glitches on Ascent due to which things fall under the map.

Remember the bug where you could go below 'The Range' with Yoru's abilities? The same has started happening with other agents' abilities now on Ascent.

The new game-breaking bug makes your abilities useless

A Twitter user has discovered a weird bug due to which the abilities of 8 agents fall literally through the map on Ascent. However, the glitch happens only on a specific point on Haven A Ramp.

We can see here in the clip that the user tries to heal by using Phoenix's Hot Hands, but it falls through the map. This glitch affects almost half of the agent pool, across a variety of abilities including Smokes, Darts, and Grenades.

It seems that everything that that follows projectile, falls through it. The object has to be small though.

Agents and abilities affected by this glitch

  • Killjoy: Molly
  • Viper: Molly and Orb
  • Sova: Recon and Shock Dart
  • Cypher: Cage
  • Raze: Grenade and Ult
  • Brimstone: Molly

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To recreate the bug you can head into a custom game on Ascent and go to that particular point on the Ramp, as shown in the video.

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