Stalwart Esports used hacks in PMCO Fall Split 2020, alleges teammate

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Stalwart Esports used hacks in PMCO Fall Split 2020, alleges teammate: Former Stalwart Esports lineup (ST8), which had come at the third position in PMCO Fall Split 2020 India, had used hacks in the whole tournament starting from in-game qualifiers, as claimed by former teammate Nitesh Chahal. The team had also qualified for PMPL based on the said PMCO results. Interestingly, this is the same roster that TSM is apparently going to sign after releasing their previous lineup.

Nitesh had joined the Stalwart Esports roster before the in-game qualifiers of PMCO but left the team even before PMCO qualifiers results were out, owing to tensions between him and other players of the roster when he confronted them about the cheats.

Damon was using cheats and his teammates knew about it

Nitesh claims that Damon, one player of then Stalwart Esports, was cheating and it was known to all of his teammates including the IGL Robin Singh Shekhawat.

Nitesh claims that Damon would use ESP hacks all the time and would close them just before engaging in combat so as to prove his innocence when he was asked his POV clips. It is worth noting that Damon was already under the scanner of several community members back then, and they would often demand his POV.

The roster, ST8 (Six To Eight), left Stalwart Esports post PMCO finals.

Damon himself revealed about him cheating

In the turn of events, Damon left team ST8 and he himself started blackmailing other players. According to the claims made by Nitesh Chahal, team ST8 paid Damon around Rs 70,000 to keep his mouth shut.

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Nitesh Chahal has uncovered the whole incident, however. You can watch Chahal's video below.

As per our sources, TSM FTX was to sign the said roster, but now that scandal has been revealed, TSM has paused the procedures.

We have reached out to TSM, team ST8 and Stalwart Esports for comments regarding this and will update the story accordingly.

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