ValoNERD #6: Sova on Haven- Post Plant Shock Dart Lineups

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ValoNERD #6: Sova on Haven- Post Plant Shock Dart Lineups: After covering Viper on Bind where we covered A-site attack, B-site attack, A-site defence, B-site defence and finally post-plant molly lineups, let's take a look at Sova on Haven.

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Sova is one the most picked agents in the professional Valorant scene across all six continents due to his spectacular information gathering abilities. He is easily the most picked Initiator agent in Valorant.

Let's take a look at some Shock Dart Lineups especially for post-plant situations. There are plenty of Shock Dart lineups available on the internet which I personally find to be very confusing. So I decided to only list some of the very basic lineups that surely guarantee victory under the right circumstances and can be used by Iron and as well as Radiant players!

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A-Site Default Plant

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This lineups works for the default plant position and also if the spike is planted pretty close to default as shown in the image above. Steps to execute this lineups are:

  1. Position yourself outside the A-long's cubby as shown on the minimap below.
image 55 on

2. Crouch and aim at the roof's corner just above you with your shock dart out.

3. Fire your first shock dart with 1.5-2.0 charge with NO bounce.

image 56 on

4. Now whilst crouching quickly aim at the second white light hanging from the black cable south of the roof.

image 69 on

5. Pinch charge(less than 1 charge) and fire with NO bounce.

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B-Site Default Plant

image 58 on
  1. Position yourself outisde B-site window beside the vase as shown on ther minimap below.
image 59 on
image 60 on

2. Activate your Shock Dart and aim in such a way that your Shock Dart's HUD's arrow is touching the corner of the B-site roof as shown in the image above. Fire with ONE BOUNCE and 1 CHARGE.

image 61 on
image 70 on

3. Now aim below the top roof's left side corner as shown in the image below.

image 62 on
image 71 on

4. Pinch Charge and Fire with 1 bounce.

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C-Site Default Plant

image 63 on
  1. Position yourself at the left side corner at C-long as shown on the minimap below.
image 64 on

2. Crouch, activate your Shock Dart and aim as shown in the image below. Your crosshair should be at the second leaf from below.

image 66 on
image 65 on

3. Fire your Shoch Dart whilst crouching with 2 charge and no bounce.

4. Now STAND UP and line up your Charge HUD's 2 Charge line with the concave part of the roof as shown.

image 67 on
image 68 on

3. Fire your Shock Dart with 1 charge and NO bounce.

All the basic post-plant Shock Dart lineups on Haven have been covered. We'll cover some basic Sova Dart lineups for taking the site in the next ValoNERD article.

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