Team Heretics wins Valorant First Strike: Europe Grand Finals

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Team Heretics come out on top by defeating SUMN FC.

Team Heretics
Team Heretics Roster

The Spanish team took home $40,000 by absolutely dominating SUMN FC on map 1 by getting an easy 13-1 victory which was pretty insane as it was the grand finals of the tournament. However, SUMN FC answered back by winning map 2 which was Icebox which was 13-7.

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Team Heretics

But both map 3 and 4 were won by Team Heretics and it seemed like SUMN FC couldn't answer back. Only in the last game did SUMN FC managed to take 11 rounds. Team Heretics in the interview also said that they were not that nervous coming into the match as they had been when they played G2.

Speaking of G2, this was a team that dominated both Team Liquid and G2. G2 were the favorites to win but Team Heretics gave a pretty huge upset to G2 fans by winning 2-1.

Team Heretics came out of nowhere and absolutely dominated majors organizations making people sit up and notice. Now by winning the First Strike Europe Grand Finals, they have proved that they're one of if not the best team in Europe.

We cannot wait what next year has in store for us and what a truly global competitive scene would look like. Now that North America has also found its champion in 100 Thieves, it'd be interesting to see how each region will adapt to the other.