Wildrift receives big updates as expected, Patch also confirmed by Riot devs alongside 3 confirmed heroes and more!

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3 new heroes, a canon lore event and a new patch has been confirmed by Riot developers in their recent Dev Diaries.

Wildrift, even though in open beta have been consistent in updates and communication between the devs and its players. Now, with the new EU/ Middle East/ Oceania and some Asian regions opening up their servers for Beta, Wildrift continues to become a mobile game with a well deserved praise even though it has not been officially released.

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You can play Wildrift with a VPN

More heroes and Teemo coming with his friends in the Rift?

Darius, Draven and Wu kong are confirmed in the next patch. Darius and Draven are brothers in the LoL lore. Wu Kong is well known throughout most Mobas as many of them have had their own version of Wu Kong with each having its own unique skill sets and mechanics.

WildRift new heroes
Wu kong, Darius and Draven

Darius is a Fighter while Draven is an ADC. Both of them were in the closed beta and were hugely popular in the game.

Teemo also has been hyped a bit as the developer hinted at Teemo arriving at a later date alongside some heroes and his "friends" who are widely famous in League of Legends PC in their "biggest event yet." However it seems that Teemo and his friends will probably arrive around mid January to the start of Feb 2021.

Has Wildrift Ranked Matchmaking changed or is it still the same?

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Solution to ranked meme

Pre-ranked matchmaking season is ending and players will receive some awards in-game according to their rank. The official ranked season will start at next year, most possibly alongside the new patch and some simultaneous events alongside League PC.
They have also not implemented or talked about the ban system that the community have been asking for. Maybe they want to add more champions before implementing it. They have not also addressed issues of reconnection bugs and more but given the period of updates and their content, it seems that this is a bit down on their list of fixing things in WildRift.

Event news in WildRift

There is a new event where you get 3 hero chests and 4 random skin chests, however this event is only for SEA and taiwan players who were not able to participate in the open beta opening event. A new event has also been announced which will begin around 10th December.

Rift rewards event

This event dives into the lore of Draven and Darius. Additionally the devs have also announced the first ever LoL PC and LoL Wildrift collab event. This means that an event will be brought out on both the games at the same time alongside themes and more.

Noxian Brotherhood

It might also feature additional rewards for PC players who play Wildrift or vice versa. Thematic features to the map and the game might also come however information has not been released and will be talked more about in January of 2021.

A youtube live event which we do not have much information about has also been announced. It is called the Battle of The Baron. We anticipate it to be a compilation of 3d rendered clips of the sickest clutches and steals in the Baron Pit, or a cinematic about the former.

Battle of Baron

Settings tweaks and updates

New menu Wildrift
The new Wildrift background Menu

Minor updates include updates to graphics where you can adjust effects and 3d models. For Low-end devices we recommend maxing out effects with the lowest settings for some graphic flair to your games as the skill and item effects have been beautifully done and the 3d models will barely be noticeable with the fast pace of the game.

A fixed Joystick option has also been implemented in the game as requested by the community.

A new CD ping system has also come. Players can now ping their allies about their skill and ward cooldowns. Very helpful when the game is full of Chinese players speaking Mandarin.

Change to Game Mechanics

An important aspect to the update is the replacement of Cooldown reduction with Ability Haste. The difference is that while CDR is capped at 40% max, Ability Haste allows for stacking but the investment is quite a bit which might not win you the game but will make up for a fun strategy on some heroes. Here is a reddit article which explains how both of these in-game mechanics work. Article.
Overall it seems that the game will receive a new layer of skin with its improved settings and new heroes, enough to let players have fun till 2021 drops by.