Twitch India servers are finally coming back? At least this suggests.

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  • Twitch has been unavailable in India since 2018.
  • India is a sizeable market, especially since the boom of mobile esports.
  • Twitch India servers might be available soon.

Twitch had exited India in 2018, and we do not have either Twitch servers or Amazon Prime Gaming available in India. There was not news regarding this until today.

Indian servers in Chennai and Mumbai have been spotted on the Twitch monitoring site Twitch Status. Now what this means is that Twitch has added two new Indian servers to their cluster. However, this is a very initial stage and the servers are still offline.

twitch india servers are coming
Screengrab from Twitch Status

While this has come as a surprise to many, Twitch has already started hiring recruiting "local agencies to help it bring Indian content creators over to its platform exclusively complete with a monthly stipend", reports Rishi Alwani of IGN India.

Is the real Amazon Prime Gaming (Twitch Prime) also coming with Twitch India servers?

Amazon Prime Gaming offers a free subscription to Twitch (the streaming services). It also provides some free game titles and large discounts on some popular games.

Amazon Prime Gaming offers in-game rewards for popular games like Valorant too among other Twitch Prime benefits.

amazon prime gaming in india on

But here in India, Amazon Prime Gaming is almost worthless. Many Indian users have been demanding the same benefits as the rest of the world. Now that India is getting ingest servers, we can expect Prime Gaming benefits to be the same as other countries too.

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