[Guide] Valorant's new game mode 'Escalation' leaked, release date, and details here.

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  • Players have been demanding something like Snowball Fight lately.
  • Valorant's new game mode 'Escalation' was leaked today.
  • Let's take a look at the upcoming game mode in patch 2.03.

Valorant had released a new limited-time game mode during the last Christmas which was called Snowball Fight. It was very well received by the fans. Lately, Valorant players have been asking for something new like the previous mode, and seems like they have heard it. A new Valorant game mode Escalation was leaked today on Valorant's Arabic website.

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Valorant's new game mode 'Escalation' details

According to the official page of Valorant's Arabic blog, the new Valorant Escalation will be a limited time mode just like the previous one. The number of permanent game modes will remain the same, 4.

valorant's new game mode escalation will be limited time game mode
Escalation will be a limited time feature.

Valorant's Escalation is expected to be available to play starting the upcoming patch 2.03, however, the end time is not known currently. So, Escalation's release date can be said to be around in a few days, very likely 17 February 2021.

Valorant's new game mode Escalation will be a 5v5 matchup. There will be 12 rounds in one match. Plus, we are getting back the Snowball thrower! The most interesting part is that players will fast-respawn, like in Deathmatch. Wondering how will a round progress with fast-respawning?

How does Valorant's Escalation game mode round progression work?

As I said, there will be twelve rounds in a match, with fast-respawn enabled. You will get one point for killing your enemy in the first round and the first team to reach 7 points will win the round. However, from the subsequent rounds, you will already have 0.5 points for each kill that you had in the previous round. For example, if you eliminated all you 5 opponents in the last round, you will already have 2.5 points and you would need 5 more kills to hit the 7 point mark.

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The first team to win 12 rounds will win the match. Also if 10 minutes are over, the team on the highest level (more round wins) wins the match. What happens if both are on the same level? Overtime probably but it is still unclear.

valorant' escalation game mode details
Details of the Escalation game mode, as seen on the official blog

Escalation game mode will have the same set of abilities for all 10 players

The new Valorant Escalation game mode has much more to offer. Each round, or as mentioned 'level', will have a different set of abilities and weapons to play with, like in Spike Rush. In Escalation game mode, all 10 players will have the same set of abilities irrespective of the agent selected. For example, everyone could be having Sova's Shock Dart.

See the list below for the abilities for each round.

Each player has to level up to change weapon

In the new Escalation mode, each player will have to step up their game to get the next level weapon. You will upgrade your weapon level every round, given that you have at least 1 kill with the previous weapon. Now, individual weapon level is completely independent of your team's round level or your teammates' weapon level. For example, you have a Vandal this round, you will get some other weapon on the next round only when you have at least one kill with the Vandal. Vandal was just for example, who would want to replace it.

See the list below for the weapon list for each round.

Valorant brimstone 2 on
A screengrab from the new game mode Escalation.

Other leaked details about the Escalation game mode

As in Deathmatch, fast-respawning players will be invulnerable for the first 5 seconds. You will get 1000 XP for winning an Escalation match, and 800 XP if you lose.

List of Escalation Gear (the weapon and the abilities) for each round

As spotted on the blog, the list of Escalation Gear is as followed.

  • Level 1: Always either the Ray's Rocket Launcher Capability or Vandal / Phantom Weapon
  • Level 2: Always either Vandal or Phantom.
  • Levels 3-11: a variety of weapons and abilities
  • Level 12: possibly shorty, classic, knife, stun arrow ... or even a snowball thrower
  • Health: A health bag is dropped upon death and expires in 10 seconds
Escalation Gear on
List of Escalation gear

I am very much excited to play patch 2.03, as this new game mode Escalation is a crossover of all available game modes in Valorant, including the Snowball Fight. Escalation has a bit of everything. Let us know what you think about the Valorant's new game mode in the comments below.

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