UMG Gaming reveal First Strike closed qualifiers group stage brackets

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UMG Gaming has announced the group stage brackets for their Valorant First Strike closed qualifiers and it looks like it will be total fun to watch. The event will take place between 18th November and 22nd November.

In Group A, we will see a fight between Cloud 9 vs Spacestation Gaming and Equinox vs Luminosity Gaming. All the 4 teams have an excellent performance and Cloud9 has TenZ the best Valorant player in all of North America. But all teams have proven their worth in open qualifiers of the tournament.

In Group B, we will see probably the best Valorant team right now TSM vs NRG. Both teams have been extremely competitive and it will be an absolute blast to watch their battle. Group B will also witness the battle of Andbox vs Faze Clan, another two highly skilled teams fighting to qualify.

Group C will witness the fights between Complexity vs Team Serenity and Moon Raccoons vs Gen.G. This will be especially fun to watch as Moon Raccoons have been performing extremely well and we’d have to see if they give a fight to Gen.G.

Group D will witness another high tier team T1 vs Dignitas. T1 has an amazing line up and Dignitas has been a dominating team in CSGO so it is no doubt that their match will be a blast to watch. Another match that will have is of Immortals vs Pittsburgh Knights. Another two highly competitive and skilled team fighting to qualify.

The tournament will be played in battle of three (BO3) matches with sixteen teams and double elimination which means a losing team will still have a chance to fight to qualify.
The tournament will be streamed on UMG Gaming’s official twitch channel and Valorant Esports NA’s twitch channel