Valorant New map releasing with Valorant Act 3: ICEBOX; Community pleas heard

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The devs have announced a Valorant new map coming alongside The Valorant Act 3 and looks promising.

Take on the Tundra, says the youtube video recently released on the Valorant youtube channel. The community is pleased with the decision of a new map as Valorant Act 2 only came with a new agent addition. With each episode being a duration of 6 months. Players have been contacting devs for new maps instead of new agents, and so they have been heard.

However, with Valorant Act 3, ICEBOX has been announced as a new map and it looks very promising for the community as they have been asking the devs for a new map as the current cycle of maps have been overplayed by the community. The announcement has also been made on their official Valorant Website.

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Valorant Maps

Valorant old maps

Currently, Valorant has 4 maps, Bind, Split, Ascent and Haven which the community felt that is too less for the game. The devs have listened and prioritised a new map and they have delivered.

The Valorant new map ICEBOX seemingly looks like a mix of CS:GO office and Nuke, however it is seemingly difficult to say so only from the Youtube announcement video. Nevertheless, the community should be thrilled for the new map.

Valorant new agent to be themed with Valorant new map?

There is a possibility that the devs might release a new agent in the Valorant Act 3 themed or possibly with abilities that might complement the layout of the new map. Data miners have found abilities related to stealth. Maybe we will get an agent who camouflages well with his surroundings.

Valorant agent Quantum to be added in Act 3? What are his abilities?

With Valorant Act 3 all hyped up by the community anticipating new changes, such as the Act 3 competitive changes and also a new patch on the way, Valorant seems to be heading towards a positive gameplay experience for its players as the devs have intended their actions by listening to community feedback.

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