Valorant Mobile: Beware! Do not download Valorant Mobile

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Valorant Mobile: Beware! Do not download Valorant Mobile: Riot Games has now confirmed that they will be releasing a mobile version of their FPS title, Valorant. There are many websites that are providing the apk download link of the aforementioned game.

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If you open your preferred web browser and search for the term "VALORANT MOBILE" right now, chances are you'll see our article about it talking about the potential Battle Royale mode or hundreds of websites claiming they have the apk link if the game ready to be downloaded. These websites that are claiming to provide the game's link are all trying to scam their website's visitors. This is because Riot Games has not released any form of the game yet and the actual release of the game is nowhere near!

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Let's have a look at some of the websites.

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Babybay and Shanks talk about TSM and bang not being good enough

This website is claiming to provide Valorant Mobile's apk. As you can see here, the apk/game's description is filled with complete random words that do not contribute anything to the actual mobile version of Valorant. If you ever decide to download any of these apks from these websites, you are bound to end up with either trojan application disguised in the form of Valorant Mobile game or complete viruses.

These apks are aimed specifically in fooling the user making him/her think that he/she is downloading the actual Valorant Mobile games until it's too late! I highly suggest you not to download it or even if you do decide to go ahead for RESEARCH PURPOSES, then do it at your own risk.

Skins like Reaver Vandal, ION Phantom and have aimbot