Watch out for these teams in ESPL Valorant Power Up India Playoffs

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After India was snubbed in VALORANT’s latest Esports Circuit, Valorant Champions Tour, the esports eco-system in India has continued to boom regardless of Official developer support.  

One of such booming tournaments is the ESPL Valorant Power Up India, which has started its play-offs stage on the 24th of February. The play-offs have come after a long-fought struggle in the 4 Groups, for a chance to battle it amongst the best 8 teams of the tournament.

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What's the story so far in ESPL Valorant Power Up India?

ESPL Power Up started out with 16 teams consisting of many big names in the Indian scene, and also a few teams on the rise. The stage was set for what seemed to be an epic group stage with the following teams: 

  • Team Mahi 
  • Global Esports 
  • Godlike Esports 
  • Reckoning Esports 
  • The Rad Syndicate 
  • Enigma Gaming 
  • Team FANGS 
  • Team Tamilias 
  • TempesT 
  • Lag! 
  • Kuch bhi 
  • White Shadow Esports 
  • MAGeS 
  • PlayGround Esports 
  • Biryani Power 
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Out of these 16 teams, 8 have fought on to the play-offs stage which is set out to be one of the best in VALORANT so far. The teams are fighting out for a share in the highly coveted 7,50,000 INR prize pool.

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The Play-offs Stage: 

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The play-offs stage has been set, and the brackets have been released. Going into these 8 team hunger games, the favorites to proceed to the next stage are definitely going to be: 

Global Esports:  

Global Esports definetly look to continue their hot form at the minute, with them being unbeaten in the previous 10 series’. Coming off a massive performance over Team Mahi at TEC Invitational Season 2, Global Esports will be the favourites to go the whole way.

Reckoning Esports: 

Reckoning Esports is definitely one of the underdog teams, that stands a chance to go all the way. Featuring players like ayanQ, and experienced CS player clouda, they have had mixed results against both good and top opposition.  

Team Mahi: 

Team Mahi will be looking to set things straight, and there’s no chance they’ll do anything less than that. One of the undisputed top 2 teams in India, Team Mahi has a 90% series win rate in their past 10 games, which is a scary stat for any team that isn't Global Esports, with their only loss coming against Global Esports at TEC Invitational Season 2. 

Godlike Esports:

India’s defacto, dark horse team, Godlike Esports should never be counted out. Going up against INGLU.FXT, an up and coming Valorant team with loads of potential, Godlike are still the favourites. They’ve definitely looked like an extremely threatening team, that just needs that final piece (or time) to get over the top and get into the Top 3 team in the region for me.

See you on the stream: 

Hope to see you there, with action-packed top-tier VALORANT esports action! ESPL won’t disappoint, so you better not miss this! 1:30 PM, on the 24th of February, see you there!