What is Valorant Points price in India? (VP Price in INR)

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What is Valorant Points price in India? (VP Price in INR): Valorant Points (VP) is the in-game currency of Valorant, which is used to buy almost all cosmetics and paid things like skins, and battlepass. So, if you need to buy something in-game, you have to buy VP first.

You can buy VP from Valorant itself by clicking on the 'V' icon in the top right corner. There are a number of payment methods including Paypal, Debit/ Credit Card, and Prepaid Cards. Indian users have the option of buying VP with Paytm. You just need to log in with Paytm and you can use any UPI.

Valorant Points price in India

Valorant Points are priced at Rs 399 for every 475 VP, however, you get a discount if you buy more. Like you get 1000 VP for Rs 799, instead of 950 VP. So the price of Valorant Points in India (including discount) are:

475Rs 3990
1,000Rs 79950
2,050Rs 1,599150
3,650Rs 2,699445
5,350Rs 3,999600
11,000Rs 7,9001620
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Valorant battlepass costs 1000 VP, which is Rs 799 in India.

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How to buy VP in Valorant with Paytm?

  • Click on 'V' icon in Valorant
  • Select Paytm
  • Click on your preferred VP pack
  • Click on continue button on Codapay page
  • Scan the shown code with Paytm app, or
  • Login with your Paytmm mobile number and pay

You can also earn free VP in Valorant

Besides buying, you can also get free VP through a legit way. You just have to send Valorant art and they will give you some VP for free (no harm in trying if you are just a few VP away from your favourite melee). BDW, the skin bundle in the above image costs 9900 Valorant Points.

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