Jett nerfed, Split reworked, major Bugs fixed in Valorant patch 2.01

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Valorant Patch 2.01 is live now, Jett has been nerfed for good, and Split has got a complete rework.

Riot has released the Valorant patch 2.01 today, 20 December 2021. The patch has been released a bit sooner than expected. Apart from Split being reworked, Jett has been nerfed, and some major bugs have been fixed.

Let's talk about the Jett nerf, and the Bug fixes here, you can visit this page for the complete Split story.

Jett's Cloudburst nerfed in Valorant patch 2.01

Jett has received a very important nerf that kind of limits her not to act as a controller. Jett's Cloudburst ability duration has been reduced from 7 seconds to 4.5 seconds. This was a much needed nerf because now we have 5 duelists in game, and Jett had started acting like a controller too due to her long-duration smoke.

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Jett is a duelist and should only be able to create a "temporary windows for the high action plays." Jett should not be substituted for controllers.

In a continuation of the Controller changes from Patch 2.0, we felt it was important to consider Jett’s smokes as well. In Patch 1.0, we increased Jett’s smoke duration to 7 seconds (from the then 4 seconds), and we are partially undoing that now. We’ve found that the result of that change was that Jett became a substitute for the Controller role, and reasonably aggressive teams could make use of her Cloudburst smokes to quickly take space without relying on a dedicated Controller. This is part of a pattern of Duelists superseding more utility-focused Agents that we will continue to look at in the future. It’s important that Jett can use her smokes to create temporary windows for the high action plays that define her style, but those windows need to be brief enough to ensure that Controllers are where teams look for team-focused vision blocking.

Patch 2.01

Major Bug fixes

Some major bugs that had been creating chaos have also been fixed. There is a high chance that you have come across these bugs, for example, Jett and Omen being able to fake spike defuse while using their abilities.

In another one, Omen could get his weapon and fire while using 'From the Shadows.' And yes, who can forget the credits bug. All of these have been fixed.

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List of all bug fixes in Valorant Patch 2.01

  • Fixed an issue with rank promotion and demotion indicators overlapping players rank on the Career page
  • Fixed a bug that would cause either a Radiant icon or an error message to show during the End of Game screen instead of the correct rank details
  • Fixed a bug where Reyna’s Leer would not display on the minimap correctly
  • Fixed a bug where credits wouldn’t be properly refunded after selling a gun that a teammate bought
  • Fixed a bug where offscreen flash VFX would display incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where Phoenix’s starting location would briefly be displayed on the minimap after being killed in Run it Back
  • Fixed issue where Omen’s reforming VFX didn’t line up with where he actually appeared when using Shrouded Step
  • Fixed Jett being able to trigger the defuse sound while dashing
  • Fixed Omen being able to trigger the defuse sound while teleporting
  • Fixed issue that caused Yoru’s Fakeout decoy to persist in the world after his death
  • Fixed issue where Raze’s Boom Bot could be placed through some walls
  • Fixed issue where Omen could have his gun equipped while forming during From the Shadows
  • Resolved Regrowth’s number UI not updating as Skye used the ability
  • Fixed fire rate stacking issue when a player is in one Brimstone Stim Pack while another ends
  • Fixed Skye not properly showing the callout region she’s in

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